Talamore, Nicklaus, Palmer & Jones

Four Great Clubs, One Incredible Experience. The Perfect Set of Clubs.

Four Great Clubs, One Incredible Experience. The Perfect Set of Clubs.

There’s no doubting the history and tradition of excellence of Talamore Country Club. When you add the foursome of Nicklaus, Jones and Palmer to the tee sheet, you have a one-of-a-kind Membership and Club experience for the Greater Philadelphia area. The amenities are second to none. The service is impeccable. The lifestyle is unrivaled. We invite you to join something very, very special.

Together, it’s hard to imagine a Club experience that offers more quality at a better value than the Multi-Club Membership opportunity offered by the Talamore Family of Clubs. Membership programs feature a variety of options including social, casual and full golf. Special plans for unlimited golf are available for Juniors, those under age 40 and over age 65. Most Clubs use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Membership. Talamore works hard to find the right size plan for each Member. Simply put, there really is no Membership near Philadelphia like the Talamore Family of Clubs Membership.

Talamore’s Membership Programs feature a variety of options – the right size plan for every Member

Membership Categories

Full Golf Membership is available in two distinctive Tiers. Tier 1 has no tee time restrictions and our Tier 2 Membership offers weekdays anytime and weekends and holidays after 1pm. Mondays and some Tuesdays are reserved for Golf Outings. Full Golf Membership categories have varied pricing options for Juniors (under 25), Intermediates (26-40), Traditional (41-64) and Senior Members (65+). Full Golf Membership is available in Single and Family categories. Qualifying Children of Full Golf Members must be under 26 years of age.

Associate Golf is a unique Membership category which offers Members the ability choose between plans offering 8, 12 or 30 rounds annually. Associate rounds of golf may be used for accompanied guests.

Social Membership includes access to our world class Pool, Fitness, and Tennis amenities and is available with or without golf privileges. Full Golf and Associate Members may elect to add amenity privileges.

Camaraderie, Exceptional Value, Unparalleled facilities and NO ASSESSMENTS!